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Abstract 7Running Horse Painting

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The logic behind the 7 running horses painting is often related to Feng Shui and Vaastu shastra. In the context of Hinduism, a running horse painting is considered auspicious as Lord Surya is depicted riding a chariot with 7 running horses and hence, closely related to godly energies. Similarly, the significance of horses in Feng Shui is related to a better flow of energy with the representation of eight horses that symbolize children, career, recognition, health, marriage, happiness, education, and personal development. If hung near the entrance, it helps in filling your home with courage and wealth.


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The rationale behind the 7 running ponies painting is frequently connected with Feng Shui and Vaastu shastra. With regards to Hinduism, a running pony painting is viewed as propitious as Lord Surya is portrayed riding a chariot with 7 running ponies and thus, firmly connected with genuine energies. Likewise, the meaning of ponies in Feng Shui is connected with a superior progression of energy with the portrayal of eight ponies that represent youngsters, profession, acknowledgment, wellbeing, marriage, bliss, training, and self-improvement. Assuming hung close to the entry, it assists in filling your home with boldness and abundance.


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