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Bella Ciao Boho Art is a company that sells the highest quality, boho-style art. The company’s pieces are created by an artist with a passion for expressing herself through painting. Each piece is carefully hand-painted with a variety of colours and intricate details. Bella Ciao Boho Art pieces are designed to be displayed as a statement piece in any room.



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Bella Ciao Boho Art is an organization that sells the greatest, boho-style craftsmanship. The organization’s pieces are made by a craftsman enthusiastically for communicating her thoughts through painting. Each piece is cautiously hand-painted with different varieties and mind boggling subtleties. Bella Ciao Boho Art pieces are intended to be shown as a proclamation piece in any room.

2 reviews for Bella Ciao Boho Art

  1. Vikki Thakur (store manager)

    I Have to say this art is so beautiful. Glad we made this purchase. The packing is too good was delivered on time.

  2. Abhishek Jain

    It is such a refreshing style and it is so nice to see something different for a change. I am always looking for new pieces for my home and the boho art that you produce is perfect.

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