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Loard sita with bhakt hanuman

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Once Sita Ji gave Hanuman a necklace of pearls. After a while, the residents of the city observed him breaking the necklace and inspecting each pearl minutely. Intrigued they asked him the reason. “I am looking for Rama and Sita,” replied Hanuman. Laughing at his apparent naivety the spectators pointed out to him that the royal couple was at the moment seated on the imperial throne. “But Rama and Sita are everywhere, including my heart” wondered aloud the true bhakta



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When Sita Ji provided Hanuman with a neckband of pearls. Sooner or later, the occupants of the city noticed him breaking the neckband and examining each pearl minutely. Charmed they asked him the explanation. “I’m searching for Rama and Sita,” answered Hanuman. Chuckling at his obvious naivety the observers brought up to him that the regal couple was right now situated on the supreme lofty position. “Be that as it may, Rama and Sita are all over the place, including my heart” pondered resoundingly the genuine bhakta


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