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Lord Buddha Painting

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The Buddhist tradition is one of peace and enlightenment. The symbolism of the Lord Buddha is a reminder of the rewards of patience and perseverance. It is believed that the Lord Buddha’s teachings will spread to the world as peace and understanding. The Lord Buddha is the ultimate symbol of wisdom and his presence is a reminder to be mindful and appreciative of the life you have. The painting depicts the Buddha in a state of deep meditation.



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The Buddhist practice is one of harmony and illumination. The imagery of the Ruler Buddha is an indication of the prizes of persistence and determination. It is accepted that the Master Buddha’s lessons will spread to the world as harmony and understanding. The Ruler Buddha is a definitive image of insight and his presence is a suggestion to be careful and keen to the existence you have. The composition portrays the Buddha in a condition of profound reflection.

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  1. Shushila Pandit

    One of my favourite pieces in my home is this painting. It is so detailed and brings such a sense of peace to me.

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