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Rukmini Elopes With Krishna

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This painting depicts Krishna’s ‘betrothal’ to his first wife, Rukmini. After his defeat of the evil King Kamsa, Krishna embarked on princely adventures that brought him fame far and wide. Princess Rukmini wrote a love letter to Krishna after hearing of his virtues. Because her father had promised her in marriage to an unrighteous prince, Rukmini begged Krishna to steal her away from her family and make her his wife.



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This painting portrays Krishna’s ‘pledge’ to his most memorable spouse, Rukmini. After his loss of the abhorrent King Kamsa, Krishna set out on regal undertakings that brought him popularity all over. Princess Rukmini composed an affection letter to Krishna subsequent to becoming aware of his ideals. Since her dad had guaranteed her in union with a corrupt ruler, Rukmini asked Krishna to take her away from her family and make her his better half.


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