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Abstract Colorful Horse Painting

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When we build a home, we build it with utmost care and love and that’s exactly why considering the direction your home faces is one of the most crucial factors which is practiced in Indian cities — this concept is commonly known as Vaastu shastra. Additionally, the type of symbols and pictures that adorn the walls of our homes, also make a huge impact on the energies within our lives. One of the influential elements of the Vaastu shastra concept is the seven running horses painting.



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At the point when we construct a home, we fabricate it with absolute attention to detail and cherish and that is precisely why considering the bearing your home countenances is perhaps of the most vital element which is polished in Indian urban communities — this idea is regularly known as Vaastu shastra. Moreover, the sort of images and pictures that embellish the walls of our homes, likewise have a gigantic effect on the energies inside our lives. One of the persuasive components of the Vaastu shastra idea is the seven running ponies painting.


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