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The inspiring life of Gautam Buddha

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The life of Gautam Buddha is an inspirational story of an individual who turned his back on a life of luxury and privilege to find enlightenment. Born into a royal family, Gautama, as he was known then, enjoyed a sheltered and pampered life until he was confronted with the realities of the world. In search of answers, he ventured outside the palace walls and witnessed old age, sickness, and death. He came to the conclusion that worldly pleasures were fleeting and meaningless, and he vowed to live a life of poverty and abstinence. He was enlightened at the age of 35, and became known as Buddha.



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The existence of Gautam Buddha is a motivational story of a his back on a person life of extravagance and honor to track down edification. Naturally introduced to an imperial family, Gautama, as he was known then, partook in a protected and spoiled life until he was stood up to with the real factors of the world. Looking for replies, he wandered external the royal residence walls and saw advanced age, disorder, and passing. He reached the resolution that common joys were brief and trivial, and he promised to carry on with an existence of neediness and restraint. He was edified at 35 years old, and became known as Buddha.


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